China is the fastest-growing world’s 2nd largest economy at this moment. Their growth as a nation is enormous in technology, education, economy, politics and many other ways. China investing a significant amount of finance and infrastructure in the education sector. Having said that, Bangladeshi students are also not aware of the Chinese revolution in the education sector these days. Thousands of Bangladeshi students are studying Business, Accounting, MBA, Engineering, Dentistry, MBBS, etc., to different Chinese universities.

Chinese Universities

Over the last ten years, Chinese universities have rapidly extended their ranking as the world’s top universities. The Chinese universities ranking increased in the Times Higher Education 2015-16, and approximately 37 universities are in the top 100 world rankings, whereas Canadian and Australian universities are behind China now in numbers. Universities in China are very well-reputed and increasing their presence in the world’s leading university lists.

Government Finance & Aid

The Chinese government is very keen to attract more international students thus, they have increased the number of scholarships for overseas students. More than 40,000 scholarships are now offered to international students. Bangladeshi students can get the best benefit out of it.

Big economy

China is considered the world’s 2nd largest economy at the moment, and as a career-developing strategy, China should be a student’s priority to gain valuable experience and boost their CV’s. Mandarin is the world’s 3rd most learning language, and for great career seekers, knowing Mandarin significantly impacts students in terms of jobs and careers. Whether you want to work in China or abroad, join a multinational company maintaining Chinese partnerships and market knowledge, or work in non-profit organizations or on university campuses, being able to speak Mandarin will make you a very attractive hire. Students can speak Mandarin after they come to China. Once in China, you can learn Mandarin besides your primary degree.


China’s two most famous cities, Shanghai and Beijing, serve more than 10,000 international students. Students from North & South Asia, Europe, and America are increasing daily. Diversity in Chinese universities and cities is almost comparable to that of London. More than 100,00 tourists come to China annually, and the tourism industry is another booming area for the Chinese.

Recognition and values

Whether you get a Bachelor’s or Postgraduate degree from China, you’ll get the same sort of recognition and values across the world, like studying in the UK or, Australia or Canada. Universities across China are all government or public-funded universities in China. This university’s faculty and research facilities are world-class.

Marie Rosszell was an international student in China and after her 4-year bachelor’s degree in business administration,s he secured a job with Google, she told on a blog. Her international study experience in China led her to get a Google job.

Think tomorrow, not today.

Today is already today. So don’t think about what people are saying about today. Wise people always think ahead, and China is the next study destination for international students. Demands for Chinese technology and products across the world are very lucrative. Once you are sitting at home while you are reading this blog, do a bit more Google searches to learn the benefits of studying in China.

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