Visa Hub Bangladesh (BD) is a newly established education consultancy agency in Bangladesh. We are here to introduce a new experience to Bangladeshi students, provide students with lots of study abroad experience, and share important information. Students of Bangladesh have very different views about studying overseas, and our job is to direct them in the right direction.

It’s not easy for students to decide to go abroad for higher studies in Bangladesh. Circumstances and other situations have a direct or indirect influence on its path. When Bangladeshi students think about higher education abroad, they must first consider their financial situation and then their limitations. These two essential factors heavily influence them in making their decisions. However, after solving the above-mentioned problem, another critical issue becomes local education representative agents. Bangladeshi education agents have minimal quality maintenance efforts and advise candidates to make the right decisions. Also, these so-called agencies promote many unrealistic offers to impact students’ and parents’ minds.

Academics is the ladder of the professional career path, and here, most of the agencies fail to counsel students based on their merit, limitations, finances, etc. There’s a reason overseas colleges or universities appoint country representatives so that agents can represent their country, university, facilities, opportunities and bright futures. Still, BD agents have limited interest in it. Their responsibility and activities are very few. It is fair to say the agents’ lack of quality education is another big issue. Agents promote only those courses where they get higher benefits. 

We at Visa Hub BD are here to change how people see agents. Change the perception, build confidence, prepare students, guide properly, be honest, and provide free and correct information. This blog’s motto is that students can come and read loads of information such as course guides, country guides, visa information, and immigration rules to educate themselves.

If you have any ideas enriching our blog, please feel free to comment below and make suggestions so we can improve our blog post writing.