Finding a UK student visa agent is not an easy task. While you plan to study in the UK, we would like to share which student agency in Bangladesh provides excellent services in Dhaka. Many agents in Dhaka provide study in UK admission, assessment, career guidance, visa support and so on. However, only a few are well-trained and qualified UK student visa consultants in Dhaka.

Graduate Track is a well-reputed and qualified British Council-certified agency in Dhaka for UK visas. Graduate Track and Visa Hub BD established in 2017 in Dhaka. The London Study (TLS), established in 2010 in the UK, is the parent company of Graduate Track & Visa Hub BD.

Graduate Track Bangladesh started its journey with a mission to access higher education for everyone. Providing customized career-based consultation is another important aspect of them. Ethical counselling is the ultimate goal for Graduate Track Consultancy.

Principals for Educational Agents in Dhaka

Being an educational consultancy agency in Dhaka, Graduate Track Bangladesh (GTB) is very determined to follow ‘The London Statements”. The London Statement is the official Statement of Principles for the Ethical Recruitment of International Students. Seven key principles are

  • 1 – Agents and consultants practice responsible business ethics.
  • 2 – Agents and consultants provide current, accurate and honest information in an ethical manner.
  • 3 – Agents and consultants develop transparent business relationships with students and providers through the use of written agreements.
  • 4 – Agents and consultants protect the interests of minors.
  • 5 – Agents and consultants provide current and up-to-date information that enables international students to make informed choices when selecting which agent or consultant to employ.
  • 6 – Agents and consultants act professionally.
  • 7 – Agents and consultants work with destination countries and providers to raise ethical standards and best practice

Student recruitment is conducted in Bangladesh in a very unethical manner. However, they seem confident about keeping their promises and providing genuine and authentic services to Bangladeshi students. Graduate Track is one of the top UK student visa agencies in Bangladesh.

Why choose a British Council Certified Agency?

Firstly and most importantly, British council-certified agencies are very ethical and educated. This means those agents keep themselves in regular training and educate them frequently in order to provide genuine and authentic information to the students and parents. They also have excellent relationships with top British universities to help students find academic placements. For UK student visa services, you must take help from British Council-listed agents.

Why Graduate Track Consultancy for UK student visa?

Obviously, the agency provides one of the best educational consultancy in Bangladesh. Graduate Track is also ICEF certified agency. Graduate Track is also a sister concern of The London Study, providing students with career placement services where no other agents do in Bangladesh. They do not charge service charges for student placement and UK student visa support. The agency also trains prospective students UK Student visa credibility interview with UK visa and immigration (UKVI). Graduate Track represents over 50+ UK higher education institutes across Great Britain, including top destinations like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cardiff, etc. Applying with a university official representative will enhance your application quality and give you a better chance of getting accepted readily.

Only some British Council-listed UK student visa agencies are available in Bangladesh. You can always trust and try British council-accredited agents in Dhaka. But again, you should always find the best agency for UK visas in Bangladesh and do a little research before you appoint them as your educational agent.

Graduate Track Bangladesh and Graduate Track Canada are the only educational agents in Bangladesh with three different continental branch offices in Dhaka, Toronto and London.