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June 3, 2017
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Students from Bangladesh might have the dream to study overseas but there’s plenty of reasons stopping them from moving ahead. It is obvious that students don’t get the right direction and advise when it necessary. So-called education representative (agents) in Bangladesh counsel them but most of the time they direct them the wrong way. Also, sometimes students don’t try to understand their positions based on academic and financial needs. Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Sweden, Netherlands are the great place to study and gain valuable experience but not all of you will be able to afford study there because of academic and financial requirements.

Does it mean you shouldn’t study overseas! No, not all. From my study abroad experience I always suggest students dream big but keep your eyes open to the other opportunities.

Why Study Abroad?

Education is the backbone of any nations. Today’s student is tomorrow’s leader. The most valuable experience I’ve got during my studies in England is diversity. Diversity in everything. I’ve met over 1000s of people from different country, background, ethnicity and race. When you are away from home you learn things quickly as an urgency to cope up with your surroundings. Statistics shown over 70% students think more matured when they experience studying abroad.

So I would say there are 5 great reasons you can’t avoid and dare to leave this study experience in abroad. 

  • Chance to meet diverse group of people
  • Multicultural society
  • Huge confidence booster
  • Study abroad experience will boost your CV (70% chances increase to get job earlier)
  • Discover and learn new foods

Okay! Now where to study!

I had two dream countries to live or study. New Zealand & Switzerland but unfortunately still I didn’t land my feet these 2 countries. While I was studying in UK I’ve travelled multiple countries in multiple times but my luck didn’t make it yet.

The reason I was saying it doesn’t matter where you are going to study. Abroad is always unknown to you trust me. For your knowledge, you can even consider Iceland for the study if necessary. I considered the UK because they have very well reputed University and ranked well in the world ranking. But it seems they are running behind now. China had 37 universities in the Times Higher Education 2015-16 world ranking table. So time is important to take a decision. Becuase when I pursued the UK had a very good reputation and gradually international students experience declined negative due to their domestic politics on international students. But look on the hand China has now very well reputed university’s and attracting more overseas students ever than before.

However, you can consider Canada, Australia, USA, The Netherlands, Russia, China, France, Germany and even India for higher education abroad. My advise for you to do some research about that country you are expecting to study and then also research opponent countries as your alternative study abroad destinations.


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