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Visa Hub (BD) Consultancy is Dhaka, Bangladesh’s fastest-growing overseas education agency for higher studies. Study abroad solutions are very significant for students, and we are very much committed to helping students gain admission to foreign universities/colleges. Whether you want to study in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Sweden, Russia, China or Europe, we are always here to assist with your admission and visa process. Our guidelines and support to you could be our best investment and effort.

Educational agencies in Bangladesh provide services to students to find admission and visa support. Visa Hub BD has been working closely with the students to find the right higher studies for Bangladeshi students. Planning to study in the UK, the USA, Canada, or even Europe can help a student have an excellent path and a smooth process.

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UK student visa agent in Bangladesh

UK student visa agent in Bangladesh

Finding a UK student visa agent is not an easy task. While you plan to study in the UK, we would like to share which student agency in Bangladesh provides excellent services in Dhaka. Many agents in Dhaka provide study in UK admission, assessment, career guidance,...

How to study in UK without IELTS

How to study in UK without IELTS

Students can apply to study in UK without IELTS from Bangladesh. A student can get admission and a visa to study in the UK without IELTS in many ways. British degrees and education are very attractive among students. Not only from Bangladesh but also many other...

Canada student visa agents in Bangladesh

Students are seeking admission, career guidance, counselling and much other important information from the agents to study in Canada. Educational agents in Bangladesh play a vital role in assisting students seeking help for Canada student visas. We, Visa Hub BD...

Why Study in European Country Malta?

Why Study in European Country Malta?

Malta is a small and beautiful European island—a new study destination for international students. Maltese universities and colleges provide excellent quality education with affordable fees for overseas students. The country's largest public university, the University...

Welcome to Visa Hub BD’s first blog

Welcome to Visa Hub BD’s first blog

Visa Hub Bangladesh (BD) is a newly established education consultancy agency in Bangladesh. We are here to introduce a new experience to Bangladeshi students, provide students with lots of study abroad experience, and share important information. Students of...

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