You may not be able to get a biometric or passport submission date to VFS Dhaka, Chittagong or Sylhet for a Canada visa due to high demands in Bangladesh. IRCC Singapore allows an additional 30 days to submit PPR or Biometric in these exceptional circumstances. This is an unusual situation for Canada visa applicants from Bangladesh.

Mainly, lots of Canadian visitor visas from Bangladesh make these extra demands. Recently, plenty of visitors have applied to travel to Canada from Bangladesh. In contrast, many other Canada student visa students couldn’t arrange appointments at VFS Dhaka, Sylhet, and Chattagram.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) knows VFS Global Bangladesh’s limited capacity. The recent high demands from Bangladeshi citizens have put them in a situation where they cannot book an appointment for their passport submission or biometric enrollment. Students from Dhaka, Sylhet and Chattagram are concerned about their admission and visa deadlines. The same goes for other types of visas, e.g. visitors or immigrants. 

The alternative is an additional 30 days of automatic extension by the IRCC Singapore office. 

When you contact the IRCC Singapore office, you will receive an automatic email mentioning the following messages for Bangladeshi applicants. 

NEW: APPLICANTS FROM BANGLADESH : Due to very high volumes, biometric enrollment and original passport submission appointments at the VFS Visa Application Centres (VAC) in Bangladesh may not be available on a short notice and may be delayed.

Exceptionally and given those circumstances, please note that your request letter will still be accepted by the VAC up to 30 days, or one month, after its original expiry date, without the need for you to obtain another request letter. For example, if your letter indicates an expiry date of December 31st, this means you can still use it up to January 31st.

Please note that if your enquiry pertains to this issue, the present email is the only reply you will receive.

IRCC Singapore Office

What does this mean to you? Suppose you’ve recently received a letter from IRCC stating to submit your passport to finalize your application or a request letter to enroll in the biometric. In that case, you must do it within 30 days from the letter issue date. 

But suppose you need help submitting the requested documents or information within the letter’s due date. In that case, you are automatically eligible for more than 30 days to submit the PPR or biometric. This means that you now have a total of 60 days before you request additional time for PPR or biometric submission. 

We advise you to refrain from sending any submission extension request letter to IRCC within 60 days from the letter issue date. After 60 days, if you are unable to submit the passport or biometric, you should contact the IRCC Singapore office for further extension. 

PPR or Biometric submission to Nepal from Bangladesh

Recently, we have seen many flying to Kathmandu from Bangladesh due to the limited capacity to book an appointment with VFS Global. VFS Global is unable to provide additional appointment slots that are in demand. Travelling to Nepal is not an ideal solution just for passport submission or biometric enrolment, which includes significant extra costs associated with this procedure. 

Flights, accommodation, and daily expenses are other things you should consider when travelling to Kathmandu; the new demand from Bangladesh also increases delays in Nepal.

Our advice is to keep trying with VFS Global Bangladesh offices and then, at the last moment, try for another country appointment or request a further extension from IRCC.