About Us

Welcome to Visa Hub BD. International student recruiting agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Visa Hub BD with a goal and vision to change the perceptions of students and parents minds about overseas education agency.

Our future beholds on students and they are the future of 21st century. If we don't guide them it will be our loss for the society and for the future generations. So, being a consultancy agency it is our responsibility to educate young generations by helping to achieve their dream.

Our goal is to maintain quality of our service and bring 100% student satisfactions.

Our founder director is highly educated from abroad. He graduated (Bachelor & Masters) from London and now want to serve his experience to the next generations.

Our founder director had mix experience when he pursued his study abroad process and faced many agents in Dhaka city. From that experience, he realised how important to have a quality student recruiting agency who will focus on not quantity but in quality.

Visa Hub Consultancy proud to serve students and advise them to the best of their future.

We provide 365 days customer support to students becuase we are social.

We are social and we serve students 365 days.

Whether it's bank holiday or Eid festival we are always there for you. Maybe our office close but our 365 days promise to help students on social media is always for you.


365 days open

Student recruitment is a challenge and we love challenges.

More than 50% study abroad enquiry leads to become our clients and our next goal to achieve 70% by 2017 end of the year

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