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German is one the top study destinations for overseas students in Europe. German education system and their top ranked university provide world class education to the student. German Universities are known best for science, engineering, technology and research facilities. Education in Germany is very affordable and free of cost for most of the international students in public institutes. However, few private college or universities may charge tuition fees for international and even German students.
Innovation, green field and peace loving Scandinavian country Sweden has a lot to offer worlds best and brightest candidates to study in Sweden.

Europe is one of the large continents for students to study abroad and experience better life during studying abroad. Especially studying in EU (Schengen) countries has a huge advantage in terms of culture, diversity, affordable living and tuition fees. Non-EU students can always choose Schengen listed countries to study and can be benefited from free movement (roaming one city to another city without any additional visa).