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July 4, 2017
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Sweden Study Visa Money Requirements

International students interested to study in Sweden must have financial ability to live during their study in Sweden. How much money do you need to show?  When you plan to study overseas number one concern is finance and costs. International students interested to study in Sweden must have a clear financial budget for their duration of the study and stays in Sweden. Non-EU students usually need study visa and for that reason, they have another big question in mind is that ”How much money do I need to show in my bank statement”. In this blog we will cover A to Z money matters during your study period in Swede.

  • Bank Statement (Sponsor Money)
  • Living Costs
  • Foods
  • Books and Stationary
  • Recreation

Bank Statement (Sponsor Money)

If you are a student of outside the European Union you should look at this sponsor money matters. You need to prove that you have sufficient funds available to study and live in Sweden using your personal bank statement. Now the question on your mind who could be the sponsor e.g parents, siblings, uncle or aunt. The answer is no one. You’ve to be your own ‘sponsor’ according to Swedish Migration Agency.

Amount: When you apply for the study permit and visa to Sweden you must provide financial information by providing your personal bank statement. All applicants must prove they can afford their living expenses during their studies. The amount is 8,064 (Swedish Croner) SEK per month.

Example of the maintenance requirement

Study period You must have at least Your husband, wife or cohabiting partner must have at least Support requirement per child
6 months SEK 48,384 kronor (6 x SEK 8,064) SEK 21,000 (6 x SEK 3,500) SEK 12,600 (6 x SEK 2,100)
12 months SEK 80,640 (10 x SEK 8,064) SEK 42,000 (12 x SEK 3,500) SEK 25,200 (12 x SEK 2,100)
13 months SEK 88,704 (11 x SEK 8,064) SEK 45,500 (13 x SEK 3,500) SEK 27,300 (13 x 2,100)

Source: Swedish Migration Board.

Please note if your course is 12 months or more you must secure your fund for 10 months for each year. For example, if your course duration is 24 months then count it for 20 months living expenses need to show in your bank statement. For your own convenience convert SEK to your local currency e.g USD, BDTK, INR, GBP, EURO.

For Bangladeshi students, average 1 SEK equivalent to 10.11 BDT more or less. This rate always fluctuate so make sure you check everyday bank rate for your own good.

For any further assistance about maintenance fund or application to study in Sweden feel free to contact Visa Hub BD or comments below. 


  1. Mujiz Sarkar says:

    Vaiya please help me. Can my parents be the sponsor for Sweden Visa. My father have FDR and I want to use for my visa purpose.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comments. As we mentioned the money has to be only in your own name. However, I’m quoting this statement directly from Swedish Migration Board and hope you understand.

      Own bank assets means you have money on an account that belongs to you and from which only you and your husband or wife, if you have one, can withdraw money. If you share the account with, for example, your parents or a relative, the bank assets will not be regarded as your own. Nor does the Migration Agency approve the sponsoring of your support by anyone else (for example, a relative or a company) during your stay in Sweden, if there is no money in your account. Credit, funds or shares are not counted as your own bank assets.