Sweden is one of the richest countries in Europe and great country for study, work and live. International and Non-EU students have great interest to study in Sweden because of their top quality education. In this blog article, I’m going to write 5 important things to know before you land Sweden. It’s very important to know economy, tradition, culture and society of any country you moving along.

Language is the key:

Sweden is very highly educated country and most of them speak English too as their second language. However, every citizen of any country prioritises their mother tongue, so the Swedish does. So our first advice for you to learn a little bit of Swedish language to make your life easier while you first land to Sweden. There are few ways you can learn the Swedish language. Firstly, join any Swedish language

club in your cities and for that check out Swedish embassy in your country. Usually, they run multiple cultural and language events as part of their global diversity. Secondly, thousands of online resource available free on the internet. You can try free basic Swedish from Learning Swedish website. Other ways to do some research on Google or Yahoo search engine with the correct keywords such as ‘learn free Swedish’.

Knowing the Swedish language is very important for living, working and studying in Sweden. Even if you don’t know Swedish you can work out your entire study period without knowing Swedish but to socialise and work with the community it will make your life super easy and comfortable. Even a conversational Swedish will put you forward to get a job quickly.

Know the Laws:

Aliens are always welcome to Sweden but as a Swedish, they are very united and respectful of their laws. Being an international student in Sweden you won’t be entitled to all the benefits as Swedish does. Also first few months you should be very careful about public laws and traffic laws. Get help from your university or friends to be more familiar with general public laws. Because a simple mistake can be costly. Avoid taking public funds that may cause trouble for you in future when you apply for permanent Swedish residency. Some are the public services free for international students such as medical, low transportations etc.

Embrace the Culture:

Sweden is young and diverse. Their pride is innovation and renewable technology. Your university has a lot to offer to know their history and culture. Society and culture of Swedish are all about welfare, well-being and peace in the country along with rest of the world. Fika is a great tradition of Sweden. Fika means ‘to have coffee’. Fika is an informal coffee break for get-togethers. Swedish society and its culture are concerned with the welfare and well-being of others, both within and outside Sweden.

Be yourself:

The figures don’t lie. Nearly 85% Swedes lives in large cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala and Lund. Once you are new to the country don’t panic. Learn as you go ahead and keep yourself calm. Confidence is the key to get success. Sweden is very multicultural country. Besides, almost 15% population of Sweden are first-generation immigrants and every one in five children is from another country in Sweden. That does mean this is the country with a multicultural environment and a country who welcomes international students. Sweden has the equal rights for LGBTQ along with other human rights.

Housing and Accommodation:

Living in Sweden is amazing unless there’s a headache of finding your living home. While I was studying in London I had this experience finding home. If you are a student enrolled to Swedish university programme the best solution would be for you to chose university hostel but not everyone is lucky enough to get that. In that case, you should find your flat elsewhere. Your university and student union have lots of contacts to assist you to find accommodation outside the campus. Check out universities website or notice board for registered letting agency who can help you find home within your budget. Bostadirekt.com is known for finding a suitable place.

This is all for this blog today. I will be writing more about studying Sweden, visa rules, admission procedure, why should you study in Sweden etc. If you find this article helpful please share with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment below.